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Just how many Rocky Horror pages are their on the Web? Let's see if we can't list them all! If you know any that aren't currently on this list, please take a second to ADD a link using my Add-a-Link program. Thanks!

And thanks to Ruth J Fink-Winter and Sera Lysea for doing all the actual work of checking all this mess. Lord knows I'd never get around to it. :-)

. The Irrational Master Cast
. - Toronto Canada's Excited Mental State
. My Favorite Obsession - A RHPS Cast
. The Blue Mouseketeers - Tacoma, WA Rocky cast
. Lips Inc - Belfast Rocky Horror Performance Group
. TooMuchCoffeeCast
. Erotic Nightmares cast of Augusta, GA
. Rainbow Wigs
. Formal Dress Optional cast
. wild and untamed things, friday night cast of L.A., CA
. Posters From The Rocky Horror Picture Show
. Rocky Horror Show Posters
. Bowling Green Rocky Cast
. Dutch Rocky Horror Site
. CardsForSorrow: Diary Of A UK Rocky Fan
. the real and only Rocky Horror Family
. cult classics website
. The Latter-Day Transvestites
. Back Row Productions
. The R. H. Factor....does it flow through your veins?
. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Site
. The Rusty Dragon Saloon, with Jason "Riff Raff" Vey's RHPS Message Board!
. Lambda Psi Phi -- Metro Atlanta's Rocky Horror Cast of Record
. See The Rocky Horror Show LIVE
. Rocky Horror, LIVE! On Stage
. Cast of F5 Charming Assholes...Spartenburg, S.C.
. The Clinton St. Cabaret
. Rocky Horror - Past, Present, Future
. RHPS-Party 1. Mai 2002 G÷ppingen
. Review of RHPS
. Rocky Horror Down Under - Australian Convention 2002
. Whip Lash - Rocky Horror cast
. Rocktart's Rocky Horror Show Site!
. Heavy Petting (Tucson AZ)
. Picasso's Inner Nut Garnish
. 3 More Doritos Cast
. Wild and Untamed Things Friday Cast of Los Angeles
. Wild and Untamed Things Cast of Los Angeles
. F5: The Charming Assholes
. F5: The Charmig Assholes
. T.H.E.M. Cast in Houston Texas
. The Houston Rocky Contact Point - general info
. SADISTIC PLEASURE: The Southpoint Cinema, Houston TX
. Bourne Agane Productions hoboken nj
. Rocky Horror in Atlanta
. - Quality Wigs and Free Shipping
. Rocky Horror Openair Festival 2002
. FRANK N FURTERS From Around the WORLD! - Tribute to all who play FRANK
. Oh Brads! - Tribute to all who play BRAD MAJORS!
. Trannie Tribute - Tribute to all who play TRANSYLVANIANS
. Dr. Scotts of Rocky Horror - Tribute to all who play DR. SCOTT
. Rocky Horrors - Tribute to all whp play ROCKY HORROR
. Planet Riff - Tribute to all who play RIFF RAFF
. Planet of JANETS - Tribute to all who play JANET
. Columbia World - Tribute to all who play Columbia!
. Ultimate Martha Stewart Collection
. Anal Retentive Rocky Horror Costume List (new URL)
. Usagi Chan X's Rocky horror fan page
. The (Rocky Horror) Nymphettes
. dentonvale times
. powersound mobildiscotek
. Jess' Pat Quinn fan site!
. Writers University: Comprehensive Guide to Fan Fiction
. Kaspar Hauser, Associazione Culturale fiorentina, attiva in tutta Italia. Tra le sue produzioni, il fantastico Rocky Horror Concert Show!
. The Whores of a Different Color, Columbus, Oh
. jb
. Lips Down On Dixie
. "My Favorite Obsession" - Liz's Rocky Horror Wigs
. Sins O' The Flesh - Home of the Los Angeles RHPS Cast!
. jenna's krisdin's rocky horror site, quite posisblythe person most obbsessed withPat Quinn in the UNIVI!
. RHPS Dedication by Chrysis
. - The alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror Usenet newsgroup archive
. lollypopangel
. Missy's Rocky Page
. Rocky Horror Chicks - One Site Wasn't Enough!
. Rocky Horror Chicks - The Best Part of the Show
. Barely Legal (Relocated -Oakland)
. The new riffraffs homepage
. Los Bastardos - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Rocky Cast
. Angels with Hardons
. LARGER THAN LIFE - Live cast at Tampa Theatre in TAMPA, FL!
. FRANK N FURTERS From Around the WORLD! ---- (Tribute to all Franks!)
. Interchangeable Parts - cast in Tampa Bay, FL!!
. Play it again...Rocky
. RHPS Photo Archive
. Lambda Psi Phi - Metro Atlanta cast
. RHS on Broadway Page
. The Dayton Affair - Dayton Ohio's RHPS Cast
. Rocky Horror Chicks
. Tulsa Rocky Horror
. Crazed Imaginations: a Rocky Horror fanzine
. bram's humor horror homepage
. Rocky Horror TROEA
. The Charming Underclothes
. The Rocky Horror R.P.G.
. Rocky Horror Fans page with pictures
. Rocky's Whore's, Rocky Horror at the Rialto Theatre in So. Pasadadena
. The Teseracte Players of Boston
. The Rocky Horror Show Live! Official Website
. A Jump to the Left (Tucson's Rocky Horror Experience)
. N9 - Atlanta's Anti-Cast
. The Official Completely Crazy Cast website
. RHPS in Lexington, KY
. St. Louis cast member page
. Welcome To My Webpage!! Fishnet Inc
. Jamesexual's Rocky Horror
. RHPS and some more drunk cows!
. Dominic Enterprises
. Crazed Imaginations: a Rocky Horror Fanzine
. Satanic Jello!! Buffalo,NY cast
. Shatterstar's Page of Horrors... RHPS, ST, and more...
. DEVOSHOW/One crazy RHPS performer
. Frank N' Furter's Laboratory
. The Frankenstein Place - home of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's Lowdown Cheap Little Punks!
. Jamey/Ultimate Rocky Horror Site
. Rare Rocky Photos
. The DentonAffair Cinciinati
. Transylvanian CyberSpace
. Broadway Bound and Gagged
. Denton Episcopalians-Toronto Rocky Horror Cast
. Shock Treatment in the UK - The official UK Shock Treatment website
. Geno's Big Book of Boobs (NEW)
. Disjointed - California's Only Existing Shock Treatment Cast!
. Dark Refrain: Rocky Horror Merchandise
. Le Saut Temporel - The RHS 1st french performing cast
. wild and untamed things
. Funky Katy's Funky Rocky Site
. Transylvanian Nipple Productions - Philadelphia Rocky Horror Cast!
. Crazed Imaginations: a Rocky Horror Fanzine
. Anal Retentive Costume List
. Wally's Warped Archives
. Rockypdx - The Clinton Street Cabaret in Portland
. Live Nude Girls - Portland, OR Special Adult Cast
. Unofficial Clinton Street Cabaret Site
. Absent Friends Rocky Horror Chatroom
. My Favourite Obsession
. Cards 4 Sorrow - Brisbane Australia Cast
. The Weirdwolf Mark Show
. The Australian Rocky Horror Fan Club
. Divine Decadence's Homepage (Las Vegas RHPS cast)
. Magenta's Lair
. the Absent Friends from Paris (in french)
. HELLO OBLIVION "The Official RHPS/ST Penpal/Email Buddy Service"
. Ordinary Healthy Kids -- performing Rocky in Modesto, CA.
. My Ode to the Rocky Horror Picture Show
. Interfishnet/related objects of desire
. Transvestite Soup, Minneapolis' cast page
. Wild And Untamed Things
. Casts of the Past
. OVER THE EDGE the magenta'sanalretentivetimewarptoomuchtimeonmyhandspage!
. The Black Hole
. A Tribute To Janet Weiss
. Church of Rocky
. TooMuchCoffeeCast Ventura,CA (improving slowly) yes we're back
. LosBastardos ROCKY HORROR
. Frank's Virgin Ears, Larkspur, CA (new address)
. Titusville Rocky Horror Cast
. Crystal Chameleon's Unique Take On RHPS
. Tabitha's Homepage (its not much but I'm working on it)
. Frank's Virgin Ear's of Larkspur, CA
. Pink Invaders (we've moved!)
. Pink Invaders (we've moved!)
. Indiana Rocky Horror Fan Club
. Magenta's Guided Tour to RHPS
. Voyeuristic Intention
. RHPS and ST Conspiracy Page
. Grupiegirl's Page!
. Rocky Horror & Unofficial JCCP Page
. Unoffocial Rocky Horror Web Page - Pics from my colellection
. The Pink Invaders Cast Page
. Queerios - Austin, TX
. Rocky Horror Exposed!
. The Annotated Science Fiction/Double Feature
. Memories of the Past Merchandise List
. The Rocky Horror Purity Test
. The Musical World of Rocky Horror
. Rocky Horror Subculture
. A Jump to the Left- Tucson, Arizonas RHPS experience
. Barely Legal - Berkeley CA
. Irish Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast
. New RHPS book! 'Cosmic Light: the Birth of a Cult Classic', by Jim Whittaker, has been getting rave reviews. Find out more!
. Yak Boy's Rocky Horror Shrine
. Velvet Darkness of Tacoma
. The Official Reguar Frankie Fan Club/ Farley Flavors Fan Club Factory in Kansas City Page
. The Pink Invaders--a RHPS cast
. The Rocky Horror Pattern Depository
. Rocky Horror Callback of the Week
. Grupeigirl's Homepage
. The Zen Room Cast (San Luis Obispo, CA)
. Cosmic Light
. The Ultimate Rocky Horror Links Page
. Georgia's RHPS Website (
. The Brad Majors Internet Shrine
. Berkeley Pictures
. Lisa's rocky Horror Index
. Superheroes Reproductions
. Voyeuristic Intention - S. Pasadena
. Denton, U.S.A. (formerly The Lab, newly expanded and overhauled)
. Broadway Bound & Gagged (Tempe, AZ)
. Broadway Bound & Gagged
. The Vicarious Theatre Company
. Completely Crazy cast site (Des Plaines, IL)
. Completely Crazy cast site (Des Plaines, IL)
. Velvet Darkness - Tacoma, Wa Cast
. The Magenta Lover's Web Ring
. Lady Magenter's Fabulous Web Page
. The Midnight Madness Orgy (Chicago Cast)
. The Junior Chamber Of Commerce Players (Pittsburgh, PA)
. Cupcke4711's Home Page
. The New Rocky Horror Show - Official Rocky Horror Company Web Site
. Liz
. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Webring
. queerios-new name for austin cast,updated site with sex list!
. The New Rocky Horror Show Official Web Site (Stage Show Home Page)
. Cast of Zen Room - San Luis Obispo
. The Official NYC cast page!!!!
. Crazed Imaginations Cast Director's Site
. Denton U.S.A. (Themed RHPS Site)
. Backrow Delight - The Rocky Horror Page
. The Little Nell Fan Page
. Susie's RHPS Page
. Rocky Horror Newsletter Archive: Transylvanian, Inside Insanity, Castle Times
. Macintosh RHPS Files; trivia game, screensaver, icons, startup screens
. Transylvanian Nipple Productions - Philadelphia RHPS Cast
. The Lab
. aSte's Rocky Horror Picture Show MIDI PROJECT (midizing the whole soundtrack!)
. Layla`s Pretty Groovy Rocky Horror Page!
. San Diego's Crazed Imaginations Cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, web page
. Seduction Production
. Bert Schnick's RHPS/ST
. RHPS ( small but improving page )
. Rose Tint Revue cast homepage
. Legends Concert Posters
. Castle Times Rocky Horror Newsletter Archive
. The Rocky Horror Show - Live
. The Rocky Horror Picture Show message forum
. Layla`s pretty groovy RHPS page!
. Magenta's Shrine to Richard O'Brien
. Leila's RHPS Links Page
. Riff Rag's RHPS Casts (Interactive RHPS Web Site Map of the U.S.)
. Midnight at the Lost & Found (Rocky Horror Novel Excerpts & Ordering info)
. Riff Rag's RHPS Home
. Dazzler's Dimension
. The Bawdy Cast (San Jose)
. Nat's RHPS Page! (Pics, sounds, desktop theme, etc.)
. The Regular Frankie Fan Club
. Forbidden Fruit - Eugene Oregon Cast Page
. The After Midnight Cast - Houston, TX
. The Rocky Horror Group
. Michaela S.
. NightBreed Home Page
. TimeWarp The OFFICIAL Uk Rocky Horror Fan Club
. Voyeristic Intention
. Sweet Transvestite's Pelvic Thrust
. Under Sedation's Page (Citrus Heights, CA)
. RHPS-SanDiego / Crazed Imaginations
. Rocky Horror Picture Show Fun Factory
. The Official Charming Underclothes Web Site (London's Cast)
. Magenta's I love Riff page!
. Jubilee's RHPS, ST, & Related Site
. Barely Legal - Berkeley CA NEW SITE
. sanity for today
. Amelia's RHPS Page (LoveThoseLips)
. BLKCRW's Virtual Places: Rocky Horror Picture Show Avatars and Gestures
. Rare Rocky Horror Photo of The Week
. Rocky Horror Online
. Absolute Pleasure Home Page
. Riff Rag's Rocky Horror Links
. The ANNOTATED "Science Fiction/Double Feature"
. Forces of Darkness, The Rocky Horror Fan Club Switzerland
. RHPS Interactive Theatre List -- it moved!
. Midnight Insanity!
. Clinton Street Cabaret @
. Frank's Babies (Virginia cast)
. Forbidden Fruit - Eugene, Oregon Rocky cast home page
. The German Rocky Horror Page
. The Quad Princess' Rocky Horror Webpage!!
. Jacksonville, FL RHPS Site
. RHPS Montreal Cast Page
. Matt's Rocky Horror Page
. The Transducer Players' Page
. Rocky Horror Web Ring
. Melissa's Rocky Links
. The Rutgers University Rocky Horror Picture Show Club (& Association For The Promulgation Of Assorted Weirdness)
. Magenta's Mysterious Dream
. Rocko's Disgracefully Yours Site
. Italian Cast and Fan Club
. Rocky Horror Italian Fans
. Lip Service - Rocky Horror Cast of Austin, Texas
. Meadowbrook Cinemas. Rocky in R.I.
. Edsion, NJ Rocky Cast
. Sydney's Rocky Horror Cast
. Sydney's Rocky Horror Pages
. Back Slash's Rocky Page
. The Castle Transylvanians Home Page
. Banshee's Rocky Horror Picture Show Page
. Shyana's Rocky Horror links
. Wakko's Rocky Horror Page
. Denton, WWW
. Charles Atlas Club - (Rocky Horror Fan Club - Japan)
. Cast of Sensual Daydreams - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
. Simply His Servants - The Cleveland, Ohio Cast
. The Raleigh Cast - Raleigh, North Carolina
. Full Body Cast - Cambridge, MA
One of the nicer looking cast homepages around, however there doesn't seem to be much original content (yet). A few links to general RHPS information, and a short paragraph about the cast.
. Big Purple Onion Productions RHPS Page
. Cast of Zen Room - San Luis Obispo
Homepage for the San Luis Obispo, CA cast of Zen Room. Events calender, photos of past shows, and stuff. One of the better cast pages. -ie, it has useful and interesting content.
. The Offical RHPS Fan Club Web Site
Fan club information. Fan club news letters. Some background info about Rocky Horror. Links to available RHPS memorabilia.